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What Happens to Your Body 10 Hours After You Apply Nail Polish

“Nail salon workers pay a huge price in the form of their health. Exposure to nail care products with harmful chemicals can result in a number of health effects, ranging from skin irritations, eye injuries and allergic reactions. They also have thinking and memory problems, neurological symptoms, nausea, respiratory problems, cancer and uncontrollable muscle contractions […]

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Home Uses For Baking Soda

Did you know that you can use baking soda to treat many different problems? It is true. You can use it for cleaning your house as well as to reduce odors and flavors in food. This is due to the alkalinity of the baking soda. Many people are unaware of its usefulness. Many people use

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Increase Your Stamina Naturally

Natural Ways To Increase Your Stamina 1. Follow A Healthy Diet If you are into high-intensity workouts or activity, your diet can supplement the energy required to complete the activity. Along with proteins and fats, you must increase the intake of carbohydrates if you perform high-intensity activities. These carbohydrates can provide energy quickly as they

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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

1. Applying Heat (Or Laundry) A clothes dryer can help in getting rid of bed bug infestations in household items like toys, shoes, clothing, or bedding. Portable heating devices are also available, which are specially designed to kill bed bugs in all life stages, including their eggs. 2. Vacuum Cleaning Vacuuming the infested areas extensively

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