Guy finds life hack book from the 1950s so he tries them out – has great results and shares the details

Life hacks and how-to videos are all over the internet these days helping you learn easy, inexpensive ways to make life easier. But life hacks have been around for a long time, and one man found a long-hidden treasure proving household hacks aren’t a new invention.

Household Hacker finds buried treasure

A YouTuber with the name Household Hacker posted a very interesting video of a cool discovery: a late-1950s book filled with 1,001 hacks.

1. Envelope re-opener

If you accidentally seal up an envelope but still need to add something in, did you know that you can still unseal it without ripping the paper? Yep, it’s true. Just set your iron on Steam, put the envelope (flap side up) under a towel, and using a quick slick motion, run the iron over the towel. Check to see if the envelope is open. If not, run the iron over the parts that aren’t yet open. You can then reseal it when you’re ready by running the iron over the towel without using steam.

2. Potato tack holder

Easily getting a hold of tacks when you need them can be tricky, especially if you’re on a ladder. So do this … get a half raw potato and use it to stick the tacks in. Position the flat part of the potato on the top of the ladder, and it shouldn’t slip around. Then you’ll easily be able to retrieve a tack when you need to.

3. Bacon strip separator

Separating bacon after opening up the package can be incredibly frustrating. So try out this unbelievably simple hack. Take the cold packaged bacon out of the fridge, and roll it back and forth in your hands. Once you see the bacon slices being loosened up, the bacon should be much easier to remove from the package.

4. Thumbtacks and staples remover

A drink can opener can do more than you think. You can even use it to remove staples and thumbtacks. To turn the opener into a thumbtack remover, file a notch at the end of the can opener. And to turn the opener into a staple remover, file the pointed end down to make it thinner. You can use sandpaper to do this.

5. Flashlight-pointing mount

When working alone, you sometimes need help holding a flashlight so you can actually do the work with both hands. A hands-free mount would really help in this situation. Try this hack: Get a large funnel and a strong rubber band. Then attach your flashlight to the funnel using the rubber band. Adjust the flashlight to any angle, and go to work.

6. Important paper hider

Don’t have a safe around the house to keep important papers in? Then try this trick. Use either a manila envelope or a normal-sized envelope depending on the size of your papers, and thumbtack the envelope to the backside of a dresser or desk drawer.

7. Spill-proof cleaning fluids

This hack is a sure way to prevent spilling cleaning fluids or other harsh chemicals while you pour them. Place a ball of steel wool into a funnel and pour. That’s it! The wool stops the liquid from swirling around the funnel and potentially spilling out.

8. Door opener

If you need to keep a door open that keeps swinging shut, try out this hack that never gets old. All you need to do it place a small coil spring over the top door hinge knob. Make sure the two ends of the spring are pointing to the inside of the door. While the spring will keep the door open, you will still be able to close the door when you’re ready.

9. Magnetic paintbrush cleaner

Need to quickly clean a paintbrush or two? Try out this hack. Fill a glass or jar about two-thirds full of water or cleaning solution. Then hang a magneto magnet over the edge of the container. Finally, place the paintbrush inside the jar with the metal part of the paintbrush next to the magnet. The magnet will hold it in place while the brush soaks.

10. Shower drain blocker

If you want to stop long hair from going down the shower drain and clogging it, here’s what you can do. Place a ball of steel wool into the drain opening. The water will still run through the steel wool, but your hair won’t! It will cling to the wool, which you can easily remove when you’re ready.

Watch the video below to see these 60-year-old life hacks, plus others, put to the test.

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