Here’s Why Your Legs Cramp Up at Night and How to Fix It

Do you get those awful legs cramp during the night? If you are, then you should read this article and find the reason why this happens. Very often people are confused and did not make a difference between Leg cramps and restless leg syndrome.

The reason for this confusion it’s probably because both conditions appear at night. However you need to know that there is a significant difference. Leg cramps actually appear as a result of fast and unexpected contractions of the muscles in the feet calves and thighs.

They occur at night time when we are fast asleep or in the morning right before we wake up. The pain lasts from a few seconds to few minutes and is extremely fierce.

However even after the pain is gone, if you touch the muscles or accidentally move fast, you may still feel pain because the muscles are still tense. On the other hand the restless leg syndrome makes people feel relaxed when moving the leg and the pain people experience in this case is much weaker than the leg cramps.

Some of them are physical activities injuries pregnancy lack of calcium magnesium potassium kidney or thyroid disease blood circulation problems dehydration and muscle overload. Fortunately there are some natural remedies which of them to use as prevention against Leg cramps.

It’s important to start with some stretching to relax the muscles which cramp, but make sure you restrain yourself from physical activities that may have initiated a cramp occurrence in the first place.

Secondly we recommend that you use regular massages for muscle relaxation or even acupuncture which is the best way to address the direct cause of this problem. Another recommended remedy is Epsom salt which provides magnesium to the skin and in the same time relaxes the muscles.

When it comes to magnesium it is necessary to include higher amount of magnesium in your everyday diet which can be found in seeds and nuts or if necessary consult a doctor in order to take some supplements.

Also another remedy is rubbing magnesium oil that you can rub on your legs before going to bed. Finally drinking enough water and going for a walk are definitely going to improve your health condition and prevent leg cramps occurrence.


-muscle cramps are usually result of bad blood circulation. Therefore in order to improve the blood circulation when experiencing muscle cramp pain try to move your leg or start walking

-run the area with gentle moves for a few minutes

-good airflow is important so you need to use adequate blankets sheets and clothing

-extend your legs and feet as much as you can by getting down on the floor sitting

-Gently stretch the muscles

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