Ice Cubes Are The Best Laundry Hack Ever

The internet is full of ways to make doing laundry easier.

A new hack floating around the internet claims that there is an easy solution to ironing clothes: Just toss in a couple of ice cubes with your load. The idea is that the ice cubes will melt, turn to steam, and create smooth, wrinkle-free fabric. Whether this works, in reality, is the real question.Stay informed and entertained for free. Like our Facebook page to get more stories. LIKE

This hack involves some exceptions.

For the ice cube hack to be effective, laundry loads need to be pretty small. It also won’t work on thick items, like jeans or sheets. But will it work on a small load of cotton items?

The short answer is … mostly. The ice cube hack won’t result in perfect, wrinkle-free clothes. However, it will make them smooth enough to pass inspection. So, while it might not be best for the blouse for your next interview, it’s just fine for a cotton T-shirt.

Laundry haters always seem to be looking for more hacks.

Laundry seems to be one of the most hated chores around. Maybe it’s because it seems like a never-ending process. Maybe it’s the long process of washing, drying, ironing, and folding. Or maybe it’s because each load seems to lose at least one sock. Whatever the reason, the internet is full of hacks to make doing the laundry easier. Most of these hacks are simple and cheap and use regular household items.

One favorite is a cheap way to keep clothes fresh and cling-free.

Many laundry hacks offer ideas for alternative dryer sheets. These scented, disposable sheets take the static out of dryer loads, but they can get expensive fast.

You can make reusable dryer sheets with a couple of items from the dollar store. All you need are a few sponges and some fabric softener. Next, cut the sponges in half and let them soak in a mixture of half fabric softener and half water. When your wet load is ready for the dryer, squeeze one sponge out and toss it in with the clothes. They will smell amazing and be static-free.

The DIY dryer “sheets” last for months, making it easy to save money in no time. What is more, sponges are much easier to find than a dryer sheet clinging to a pair of underwear.

Other people swear by common kitchen items.

Another DIY dryer sheet alternative is another regular household item: aluminum foil. Roll it into a ball or throw it straight in for static-free clothes. Of course, this won’t make your clothes smell like a springtime breeze, but it will do the trick in a pinch. You don’t even have to worry about throwing it out afterward. Aluminum foil is reusable as long as it continues to hold together.

Even some items in your kitchen could belong in your laundry room.

One great thing about DIY laundry hacks is that they usually use items you already have in your pantry. One of the best ones is vinegar. Vinegar is perfect for getting stains and smells out of laundry. In fact, vinegar could be called laundry’s best friend. It has so many uses, you may as well buy a gallon to keep in your laundry room. It is also a natural antibacterial agent, so it is perfect for laundry that needs some extra cleaning.

Vinegar is also a great stain and odor remover. If your latest load is particularly smelly, add a cup of white vinegar. Some people worry that this will make their clothing smell like a good salad, but you can rest easy on that account. Vinegar cleans without leaving any scent behind. Your clothes will smell fresh and clean — not like the kitchen cabinet.

DIY hacks are everywhere these days. Not all are right for everyone, but if you don’t mind getting a little creative, they can save you a lot of time and money.

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