10 Unbelievable Reasons Why You Should Eat Celery In the Evening

This crunchy vegetable abounds in many benefits important for the overall health of your body. For culinary use celery is usually found in soups and salads while it can be eaten in a raw state, as a snack.

1. Relieves Inflammation

Due to the high levels of polyphenols and antioxidants, celery reduces inflammation and relieves joint pain. Also, it treats asthma, acne because of the salicylic acid, which removes follicular clog.

2. Lowers ‘bad’ cholesterol

It’s butylphthalide that gives celery its taste and aroma and prevents high blood pressure by treating ‘bad’ cholesterol. So, if you consume at least 2 stalks of celery every day, you can reduce cholesterol by up to 7%.

3. Improves digestion

Celery is rich in insoluble fiber and water thus it helps in the regulation of the stool. It abounds in many important cleansing qualities that make it an ideal diuretic.

4. Lowers high blood pressure

Celery is a powerful source of phthalides, active compounds that improve the poor circulation by 14% and reduce stress hormones that circulate in the blood.

5. Supports eye health

One celery stalk offers at least 10% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin A which protects the eyes and prevents degeneration of vision.

6. Helps in losing weight

Celery is famous for its low calorie content because it contains only 10 calories and plenty of water. By a regular consumption, you will provide your body with water, feel satiated for longer and lose weight at the same time.

7. Reduces stress

It is high in magnesium, 11mg per 100mg and this mineral is important for reducing stress. Also, it is rich in essential oils which will soothe the nervous system and help you fall asleep very easily.

8. Regulates alkaline balance

It prevents acidic condition in the body and if regularly consumed, celery can regulate the pH levels in the body.

9. Improves sex life

Celery is loaded with 2 sex pheromones, androstenol and androstenone which can significantly improve the arousal levels.

10. Fights cancer

The luteolin, in celery delays the creation of cancer cells and inhibits their growth, especially in colorectal, pancreas and breast cancer.

Make sure you always buy a celery dark in color, because the dark the color the stronger the taste.

For optimal effects, steam the celery and you will get the original taste and almost all of its nutrients. You can also preserve some fresh celery in your fridge for future use.

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