How Birth Month Influences Health And Personality Of Women


Women born in this month are considered to be less short-tempered. The fact that you don’t get to bask on much sunshine during this month is the reason why women born in January are more prone to depression, and always behave in a repressed manner.

Health-wise they suffer from migraines, ulcers, and also run a risk of developing heart-related ailments. However, the chances of their contracting thyroid problems are comparatively less than women born during the rest of the year.


February is officially the month of love. So, there’s no surprise that women born during this month are extremely romantic by nature. They have their good share of mood swings too. They expect love and loyalty from their partners. It is said that women born in this month are highly susceptible to thyroid gland problems. Apart from this, they are also likely to contract osteoarthritis which causes stiffness and pains in joints. Another deadly disease that they can suffer from is thrombosis, a condition where there are blood clots in the blood vessels. This can lead to severe health complications.


Springtime reminds us of happy memories, right? Women born in this month radiate good vibes only and are very charming, and charismatic. They are extremely loyal but one mistake from your side will make them hate you in a jiffy.

Rheumatism, as well as, arthritis are two things that bother them. They also suffer from constipation. Therefore, women born in the month of March need to eat a fiber-rich diet and seek proper treatment for their other ailments from the initial stage itself.


April ladies can be considered as born diplomats. They have amazing communication skills, though they are more prone to jealousy.

Health-wise April women are advised to have a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D as they have chances of suffering from osteoporosis. Angina is another problem faced by them wherein women experience severe chest pains. Bronchitis is another problem faced by these women.


Ladies born in May have a very tough character. They are insistent and will never sacrifice their values, come what may.

Constipation and osteoporosis are the problems these women face. They are also prone to a lot of chronic allergies that require treatment. Therefore, for any allergy, including food allergies, it’s important that these women consult a doctor.


Women born in June are creative and curious creatures. They are very straightforward by nature. They love power and they know how to make use of that power.

Just like the March-born, even June women tend to suffer from rheumatism and arthritis. Urinary incontinence is also a common problem for them. They are advised to stay away from alcohol, coffee, tea, and spicy food.


Ladies born in this month are beautiful, smart, and honest. And oh, yes, they are even mysterious. They avoid conflicts and expect others to be cordial with them too.

Chronic neck pain is a common symptom found in these women. This pain slowly starts to spread over their back, shoulders, and hands. They have more chances of contracting asthma. Therefore, yoga and exercises which involve deep breathing is a must for them.


August ladies love their ego. They believe in self-love, and they also have a big heart that loves everybody around them.

Just like the women born in March and June, even these women suffer from rheumatism and arthritis. They need to make frequent visits to the doctor and follow the treatments given religiously. They even have chances of contracting thrombosis.


These ladies are not so forgiving by nature and are known to retaliate. They follow discipline in their lives and don’t entertain temporary relationships.

They suffer from thyroid gland problems that take a toll on their physical and mental well-being. They even have increased chances of developing tumor-related diseases. Therefore, annual checkups are a must for them.


They are go-getters in life. They believe themselves to be self-sufficient. They are smart and strong. They are not the kind of women who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Anemia is a problem they are disposed to. They need to have an iron-rich diet and consider taking supplements for any deficiencies after consulting a doctor. High blood cholesterol is also a significant problem among them. Therefore, it’s ideal for them if they follow a proper diet after consulting a dietician.


These ladies are witty by birth, trust us! They have the power to smell deceit from a mile away. They are very goal-oriented and will do everything in their abilities to fulfill them.

They suffer from various heart ailments. It’s best to go for consistent health checkups every now and then to keep a check on their heart’s condition. They are also likely to suffer from varicose veins. Essential-oil massages, avoiding lifestyles that require you to stand for long hours can help them with that.


Ladies born in this Christmas month are highly impatient. They can seldom recognize the good around them. However, they have the ability to turn everything into their favor.

December women suffer from a lot of breathing problems like asthma and severe bronchitis. Therefore it’s essential for them to include yoga and breathing exercises in their routines. They can also suffer from thrombosis as well.

Our intention here is to not scare you by mentioning these health problems. We are just cautioning you about the problems that might come knocking at your door one fine day. Therefore, pay attention to your lifestyle as well as your characteristic traits and strive to achieve a healthy balance. If you think we missed out on anything here, let us know in the comments below.

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